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The National Network organizes two seminars each year for its partners. All seminars include one full-day workshop on a specific theme and with guest speakers, and a half-day of statistics and an evaluation of the National Network.

2013 Seminars
May 27 and 28 - "Exchanges of Best Practices for the Assistance and Protection of Trafficking Victims in Europe"

2012 Seminars
December 3 and 4 - "Migration and the Integration of Victims of Human Trafficking"
May 21 and 22 - "Temporality and Victims of Human Trafficking: How to Cope with Waiting Times and the Need for Urgent Solutions"

2011 Seminars
November 24 and 25- "Trauma : How it Affects the Care and Support of Victims of Human Trafficking"
May 16 and 17 - "Nigeria and Human Trafficking"

2010 Seminars
December 2 and 3 - "Rights of Foreign Victims of Human Trafficking"
June 7 and 8 - "Forced Marriage: Support and Accompaniment of Victims"

2009 Seminars
November 23 and 24- "Support Available for Parents and Their Children During Migration"
May 18 and 19 - "Exchange of Best Practices Implemented by the National Network's Partners"


2008 Seminars
November 17 and 18- "A Second Look at Bulgaria and Romania: What is the Implication for our Projects" (Project "CROSS-OVER")
May 15 and 16 - "Are There Job Placement Opportunities in France for Victims of Human Trafficking? What are the Rights of Trafficking Victims?"