About Ac.Sé

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The National Network for the Assistance and Protection of Human Trafficking Victims (le Dispositif National Ac.Sé) was created in 2001. Today it is an integral part of the measures of protection available to victims of human trafficking in France, such as those cited in Decree n°2007-1352 (13 September 2007) concerning "the possibility of residing in France, and the availability of protection, accommodation and shelter to foreign victims of human trafficking and procuring" and Circular n° IMIMO-900054C (5 February 2009) regarding the "possibility for foreign victims of human trafficking and procuring that cooperate with judicial authorities to legally reside in France."

Our missions are:

  • To protect adult victims of human trafficking for the purpose of exploitation or forced marriage, in danger or vulnerable, by providing an opportunity to relocate
  • To operate a resource center that provides options to resolve common issues related to human trafficking, aimed at all intervening actors in contact with potential victims (legal and social services advice by phone, publication of technical documents, organization and presentation of training sessions and seminars...)


It is a network of approximately 70 partners (shelters and organizations specialized in human trafficking) and it is coordinated by the Association ALC, based in Nice.

The National Network is financed by the Minister of Women's Rights and the Ministry of Justice.

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